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*These are authentic Heelys brand shoes with an Australian backed warranty, don't be tricked by counterfeit stock being sold on the internet.

GO Project Inline

Go Project Joe Atkinson 65mm Wheels 4pk - White

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- Go Project Joe Atkinson 65mm Wheels 4pk - White

- 65 mm Diameter

- Super High End Urethane

- Hard

- White

- Will not fit all frames, check your frames max sizing allowed or contact for further information.

Go Project has been doing the Joe wheels for a while now and with good reason, with the 65mm setup, he has dominated skate comps for the last 3 years.

This is the V.3 of the super popular, incredibly performing wheel. The V.3 comes with an even stronger hub to wheel connection, coming with a lifetime warranty against de-coring and core fracturing. They are also made with a urethane that even harder the previous versions, a formula that stays smooth and fast from the moment you fit them onwards.

The 65 mm diameter allows for bigger stunts and more speed than smaller aggressive wheel but does require mid-high frames or modifications to some boots to account for their size, but the extra power afforded by them is well worth it.