GO Project Inline

Go Project Grind 48.5mm Wheels 4pk

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- Go Project Grind 48.5mm Wheels 4pk

- 48.5 mm Diameter

- Super Hard

- Bearings Included

- Smokey Black

Anti Rockers for super legit modern setups.

Go Project has gone to the design board with all the needs of the modern skater and came out with these incredibly well designed bangers. These come in a larger then normal (for anti rockers) 48.5 mm diameter, to keep up with the ever increasing amount of larger sized (Esp the 60-72 mm range!) aggressive wheels out there, to create a perfectly shaped and proportionate groove to lock on without fail.

They use a newly formulated urethane for insane hardness that isn't plastic, and comes with the bearings already in, for super performance. Step up your royales and slap these on.