GO Project Inline

Go Project 80mm Wheels 4pk

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- Go Project 80mm Wheels 4pk

- 80mm Diameter

- Hard Duro

- Small Core

- Deep Grey

Go Project brings everything any skater worth his blades wants in a wheel.

Fast, Firm and at 80mm, these wheels can handle city skates, slalom, powerblading and hockey duties without a problem, providing the balance of big speed while remaining highly maneuverable.

These are made with a quality of urethane higher then ever before created. This PU pushes the boundaries on how much grip, speed and durability you can expect from a modern wheel. The hub itself is made small and intensely bonded to the urethane to create and efficient and resilient body of the wheel.

The wheels aren't rated at a duro level due to differences between different testing, but they are decently harder then recreastional wheels but softer then aggressives, for a slick and fast ride. We think they feel like an 88a