Fraud Blocker Globe Geminon 38 Complete - Sky/Orange - Skater HQ
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Globe Geminon 38 Complete - Sky/Orange

- Width: 9.75"

- Length: 38.5"

- Wheelbase: 28.25"

- Silver Polish Slant 180 Longboard Trucks

- 70mm 83a Wheels

- Globe Abec 7 Bearings

- Custom Cut Grip

- Vector Design Graphics

A purpose built hybrid board, this is a symmetrical masterpiece that is made to play around with on big stretches. Flip, turn, carve and dance around on this.

Made from a combination of maple, bamboo and fibreglass for a satisfying and unique flex, it's long enough to satisfy anyone without being overbearing.

Rides like a dream with firm 70mm wheels and deck flex eating up bumps. Freestyle longboarded styles are fully at home here with fully symmetrical tail and nose giving plenty of power and options to all your moves. Custom cut grip and vectored out bottom half keeps it super clean and modern.