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Gibbon Slacklines

Gibbon Slacklines Funline X13 - Blue

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- Gibbon X13 Model Series
- Size: 15m Set
- Length: 41ft/12.5m (Main Line)
- Width: 2"/50mm
- Max Tension: 4.08 t
- Ratchet Tensioner w/ Safety Lock
- Ratchet Webbing: 8ft/2.5m
- Ratchet 'Rat Pad' Cover
- Blue Slackline w/ Static Style Weaving & Rubber Print
- User Manual & Set-up Guide included

The ideal slackline for children, brought to you by Gibbon Slacklines! The Funline X13 is a sturdy line with reduced flexibility and an added rubber print, making it ideal for beginning slackliners and children. Fully adjustable and easy to use; this set includes slackline and heavy-duty ratchet tensioner for complete setup; the perfect addition to any child's birthday party! Tree/anchor protection is highly encouraged and sold separately.

The Funline X13 was awarded Second Place in the TOY AWARDS 2009 in the category “Toy of the Year”! Get your grommet climbing like a gibbon and set one up today!