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GAIN Protection

GAIN Stealth Elbow Pads - Black - S

- GAIN 'Stealth' Elbow Series
- Size: Small
- All Black Colourway

- SlimShieldTM foam inserts, elastic KEVLAR front panel
- Superb impact protection
- Only 10mm total thickness
- Sleek and contoured design
- Outstanding wearing comfort

Ultimate protection with a sleek appearance. The Stealth elbow pads represent everything you could be looking for when you are on the market for new ones.

These slim high-end pads are manufactured from a semi-perforated neoprene material with a soft lining that prevents rashes and skin irritation along with providing maximum breathability and sweat transmission.

The elbow area features our very own SlimShieldTM foam insert - a thin viscoelastic polyurethane sheet foam material with memory effect and outstanding shock-absorbing properties. After an impact, the foam returns to its original shape quickly. Energy absorption keeps the impact forces to the joint at a minimal level.

The elbow area is covered with extremely durable and flexible KEVLAR material. Using this special fabric it is very unlikely to cut or tear a hole in this area which usually gets the most abuse. Rubber label velcro tabs make for an easy and stylish fit. Dual-layer super soft moisture wicking rear panels and neoprene inner lining prevent the elbow pads from slipping.