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G Form

G-Form E-Line Elbow - Medium

- G-Form E-Line Elbow Series
- Size: Medium
- Black

- Active Airflow 4-layer Ventilation
- Hard Anti-Friction Outer-Shell
- Armotex Kevlar Anti-Abrasion Padding
- SmartFlex Impact-Hardening Layer
- Adjustable Fitting & Machine Washable
- CE 1621-1 Certified



G-Form's new E-line Elbow Guard is designed for the aggressive rider tackling technical terrain or long days in the saddle. With a focus on unparalleled fit, next level protection, comfort, and breathability, the E-line pad is specifically designed to meet these needs.

Featuring three levels of unique protective layers that work in unison to guard your joints from a variety of impacts, while also maintaining a degree of comfort and breathe-ability when you're busy getting down to the hard yakka!