Fraud Blocker Flavor Spray Metal Core 100mm - White/Chrome - Skater HQ
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Flavor Scooters

Flavor Spray Metal Core 100mm - White/Chrome

- 100mm Diameter
- 88A Durometer
- Australian Made
- White with Chrome Hub

Proudly made in Australia, Flavor Scooters has chemically bonded Polly urethane to an aluminium hub. During the manufacturing process of Flavor wheels the aluminum hubs of the wheels are heated while the urethane is poured on to the hub. What this allows for is a wheel that is stronger and is much more tolerable to any sideways and impact stress. Flavor wheels are also allowed to be cured for 30 days after production, which once again increases the bond between hub and urethane. All of this enhances the quality and performance of the wheel.

Flavor wheels - quality gear that all scooter riders can trust!