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Evolve Skateboards

Evolve Bushing Kit - High Performace 87a to 98a

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- 1 x White 87a (4 barrels / 4 Cones)

- 1 x Purple 90a (4 barrels / 4 Cones)

- 1 x Yellow 92a (4 barrels / 4 Cones)

- 1 x Blue 95a (4 barrels / 4 Cones)

- 1 x Orange 98a (4 barrels / 4 Cones)

- 4 x Riptide WFB Pivot Cups

- 4 x King Pin Nuts

- 4 x Bushing washers (Barrels and Cones)

Add a personal flair to your board or dial in your ultimate ride feeling. These bushings will have a huge impact on how your trucks feel under your feet and effect the performance of your turn/carve with the different durometers ranging from 87a - 98a.

Whether you are looking for a super carvy ride at slower speeds or maximum stability at top speed, this kit has what you need to tweak your board!