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Evolve Skateboards

Evolve Bamboo GTX 107mm Super Street - Black

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- Deck Construction : 7-Ply Maple + 2-Ply Bamboo Drop Down Deck

- Deck length: 38"

- Deck wheelbase: 29"

- Motors: Satin Black 3000 W Custom Sensored Dual Brush Out-runner Motors

- Battery: Custom Designed 36 V 10AH Lithium Ion

- Trucks: Black GT Super carve 306mm

- Wheels: Black Evolve GT 97mm 76a Stone Ground

- Bearings: Abec 9 Evolve Speedballs Precision Bearings

- Weight: 8.8kg

- Maximum Range 50 km

- Top Speed Up 42 km/h

- Regenerative Braking: ABS Controlled Braking

- Remote: Digital LCD Screen Remote W/ 4 Speed Settings

- Max Load: 100 kg / 220 lbs.

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The Super Street is the maxed out, hyper tuned custom edition of the Bamboo GTX. On top of the stock GTX performance, & features, this version is upgraded with even more powerful Abex 11 107mm street wheels to truly dominate the roads, as well as an improved 38 Tooth belt to take torque and acceleration levels to the max. This one is for the real enthusiasts (and well deserving dads). Contact to order.

The perfect fusion of engineering and style, the GTX is here to eviscerate the road with a classic look and undeniable, ferocious performance.

The Evolve Bamboo GTX (X for eXtras ) Street takes the technical feats of the carbon gt and the gorgeous aesthetics of the Bamboo GT and welds them together into all-round superboard that harbors the the maximum performance possible while having tasty flex that'll give the wood purists something to drool over.

Yes of course you think, what's that actual differences? Well talking in comparison to the Bamboo GT, Mr. GTX is rocking a more powerful custom lithium ion battery that'll get you an extra 15 km on average! The deck itself has a custom laser cut grip that is simply sick.

The GTX comes with the LCD remote with more modes then ever before to let you control your movement with ninja precision. Put it in "slow" if you are a newer rider or looking for a relaxed ride. "ECO" is how you can really max out your mileage. "Fast" Is that, get ready to whip past traffic and everyone else looking in awe at your raw speeds. When you're ready ( and only then) snap it into "GT" for absolute power, going faster than ever before with tremendous, immense acceleration that'll rocket you up hills.

Step onto a premium electric board showing the peaks of insanely fun transport tech and design, guaranteed to make you smile.