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Ethic Scooters

Ethic Erawan Complete - Black/Neochrome

- Dryade Aluminium Bars

- Bar Height: 630mm

- Bar Width: 590mm

- Deck Length: 530mm

- Deck Width: 115mm

- Weight: 3.05kg

- Big Grain Griptape

- Legion ICS Fork

-110mm Wheels

Ethics solution to getting into intermediate setups, this is one of the best scooters in the mid-range and has one of the best prices too.

Quality alloy is used in the whole scooter, and it comes stock with the incredible dryade bars for serious performance. It's a good size for moving past smaller entry-level scoots with a bigger bar and a nice amount of footspace.

This is one of the lightest completes in the game, it keeps its weight at a very breezy level from all the nice aluminium going on. It's still made to be strong & stay dialled with tough forks & headset.

The colourway is hectic with black layed out with neo highlights and all in all makes for a great setup for intermediate riding.