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ETC Ankle Stabilizer - Large

- ETC Skateboarding Ankle Stabilizer
- Size: 11-13US (Large)
- Black Colourway

- Durable Elastic Cuff w/ Reinforced Lacing Area
- Padded Open Cell Mesh w/ Breathable Tongue
- Figure-Six Straps w/ Adjustment Loops
- Designed & tested for skateboarding
- Sold as ONE Stabilizer / Fits Left or Right Ankle

Etcetera's Ankle Brace is a fully adjustable, lace up ankle braceand easily one of our most sought after products.

Using a figure six restraint system that allows for total adjustability and tension control, the ETC ankle stabilizer has a breathable, padded tongue and a reinforced lacing area, that you can adjust without removing your shoes.

Once you lace it up, just tighten the side straps to allow or restrict movement to your liking. Fits great in almost any shoe type, and is versatile enough for almost any activity.