Envy Scooters

Envy OTR SOBV3 SCS Fork - Bandana

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- Envy OTR SOBV3 SCS Fork

- Up to 125mm wheels

- 300 grams weight

- SCS and HiC compatible ( HiC requires aditional HiC kit)

- Bandana Colourway

Its the Slightly Over Built Fork from envy!

Known originally as Jesse Ikedahs signature fork, this also has the well earned reputation as the absolute strongest fork to come out of Envy.

You can comfortable equip these with up to a whopping 125mm wheel if you feel the need, and they are designed to be used with SCS but can also use HiC with a seperate HiC Kit!

Rocking 6061 aluminium and advanced geometric engineering these simply have a massive strength to weight ratio and look killer