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*These are authentic Heelys brand shoes with an Australian backed warranty, don't be tricked by counterfeit stock being sold on the internet.


Ennui All-Round Wrist Brace - Small

- Ennui All-Round Wrist Brace
- Size: Small
- Protective Splint (top & bottom)
- Slip-on Sleeve w/ Two Velcro Straps
- Snug Fit
- Black/White Colourway

The Ennui All-Round Wrist Brace is the ultimate in wrist protection, based on medical arm brace technology that keeps your wrist in an optimal position to both prevent injuries and recover more quickly from the ones you just can't avoid.

Mesh on the side or the guard helps with airflow and the multi-strap design alleviates pressure points caused by traditional straps. The large slide plate on the palm of the guard is backed with foam to offer ample protection and comfort.