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Enjoi Panda Tie Dye V2 7.75 Complete

- Width: 7.75"

- Length: 31.7"

- Wheelbase: 14"

- 5" Alloy Trucks

- 52mm 100a Enjoi Wheels

- Abec 5 Chrome Bearings

- Tie Dye

Popular enough & extremely colourful, the Tie Dye's back again with the V2 to get skating quick and easy.

This is equipt with a tensile 7.75" Enjoi deck making it a great setup for younger riders and anyone that appreciates a light board that you can flip the heck out of. Techy hard 52mm wheels keep things snappy and quick.

You'd be hard pressed to skip on these graphics too, you tre flip this thing and you will hypnotize any onlookers.