Fraud Blocker Dogtown OG Classic Bigfoot 11.75 Deck - Skater HQ
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Dogtown OG Classic Bigfoot 11.75 Deck

- Width 11.75"

- Length 31"

- Wheelbase 17"

- Wheelwells

No one will believe you when you talk about this thing, the Dogtown OG Classic Bigfoot 11.75 Deck is a living myth.

Read this number carefully, it's got an entire 11.75 inches of width. Eleven point seven five! This deck is a chunky monster ready to rip the road. Bigfoot himself jumps on this thing and even he thinks it's massive.

Hand sprayed fades over this trace down to the fat and mellow kick and around the wheelwells stopping this animal biting itself.

Stomp down on this board if you're looking for a fat fun ride that throws it back and lets you throw it all over the place.