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Disco Tech

Discoblox Original Sz 1 65mm Grind Blocks - White

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- 'DiscoBlox' Quad Grind Blocks
- Size: #1 65mm (133mm Wheelbase)
- Type: Original Design - Standard Height
- 4x Disco Tech Bushings included
- Sold as PAIR
- White ​Colourway

DiscoBlox are designed to be your coping mechanism! Whatever you call it, slide or grind, these handy accessories allow you to do both 50/50 block grinds and coping slides with ease.

These smooth HDPE plastic grind blocks are easy to install and best of all, no drilling, mounting or uninstalling of your current plate is necessary to make it happen; the mounting bar of the DiscoBlox simply fits over the trucks kingpin.

NOT compatible with Avenger, Pilot, or Arius plates.

Follow the below instructions to find your desired DiscoBlox size, and refer to the below video for installation tips.

How to check which size grind block you need:

- Turn your skates upside down, remove the top nut, the washer and the top bushing with the hanger along with the bottom bushing and the washer.

- Repeat on both sides until just your kingpins are sticking up.

- Measure the inner distance between the base of each kingpin.

This gives you the max size of disco block needed for your skates; ie 72mm kingpin distance = 75mm grind block.