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CO John Bolino Zom Zom Large Blk

- Customisable graphic space
- All rocker systems work!
- All hardware (Except frame bolts)
- Minimal side-wall contact for faster slides
- Fits boot size 9-14

Create Originals have done it again! Bringing you the latest, highly customisable frames for your aggressive skates. The v5 series of frames is made of a harder composite plastic to ensure longevity & faster grinds. These frames can take all rocker systems, (Anti-rocker, tri-rocker, flat rockers and freestyle) and 4 low profile freestyle grind blocks are included with the frames. The key feature to these frames is the interchangeable graphic space! Whether you want to use the original Pro's graphics or create your own sick side-piece, the slightly recessed space will keep your graphic from getting wrecked on those long grinds and looking fresh for way, way longer.