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Chaya XTNDR Forged AL Hanger 4pk

- Chaya 'XTNDR' Series - Truck Hanger Kit
- Solid Forged Alu Construction
- Adjustable Pivot Pin
- Compatible w/ 62mm, 67mm & 72mm XTNDR Axles (sold seperately)
- Set of 4
- Black Colourway

Chaya XTNDR trucks are designed to grind; a unique truck design with interchangeable axles to increase or decrease your axle length.

The swapping of the axle length changes the style the way the skate moves, reacts and feels. The wider axles offer more stability and extra truck grinding room, where the narrower offers more agility.

Hangers are sold as a set of 4 and require Chaya XTNDR axles (sold seperately) for a complete setup.