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Carver x Lost Quiver Killer 32 CX Raw Complete

- Carver x Lost Collab Series - 'Quiver Killer' Model
- Size: 10.5" x 32" (WB: 18")

- Mellow Radial Concave w/ Tapered Kick
- Raw CX Front & C2 Rear Truck Setup
- Roundhouse Smoke 68mm 78a Mag Wheels
- Built-In Bearings
- Die-Cut Mayhem Black Griptape
- Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos Signature Model
- White & Sky Blue Colourway w/ 'Mayhem' Logo

Lost Surfskates is Carver’s newest collaboration with Lost Surfboards and Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos. One of the most cutting edge board designers in surfing today, Mayhem’s brash exploration of progressive surfboard design is the inspiration driving the brand, and his go-for-it style is reflected in the bold look of this this new collection.

Souped up and slimmed down, the new PJ can take a domesticated gentleman into a realm thought long gone. Fast but loose, precise but playful, stand on the tail and simply go to town, round and round.

The CX is Carver's reverse-kingpin surfskate front truck, it also has more pump and tighter turning than any other reverse kingpin truck on the market, but without any other parts. It has a similar feel to the C7 but is less extreme, so if you want a more familiar feel to your board but want to pump and surf, then the CX is the truck you want.