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Carver Haedron No.3 CX Graphite Complete

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- Width: 9.75"

- Length: 29.75"

- Wheelbase: 16.25"

- 69mm 78a Roundhouse Wheels

- Cloud Ride Bearings

- CX Signature Carver Black Trucks

- Custom Sustainable Reformed Timber

- Die Cut Carver Grip

- Occult Metaphysics Graphics

Much like the quarks being exploded in Geneva, there is a lot popping with this board. This is suited to mini carve missions, beachfront rolling and darting through people en route to the shops.

The Haedron provides a truly premium experience in the way only a carver can, with a conscious heart. This wood used for this has a luxury look to it but is sourced only from sustainably managed trees. It's a super solid sized deck with a nice 9.75" x 29.75" to play with, but a tighter than expected wheelbase for extra explosiveness.

The board is fully loaded with untameable CX Carver trucks, which if you don't know are absolutely beastly carving machines that have a huge turning radius giving you huge pumping and cutting power.

Finish this enterprise of a board off with unstoppable concave Roundhouse wheels and suped Cloud Ride bearings for atomic speed and grip and you've got a thermonuclear setup.