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Carver C7 6.5 Truck Set - Black

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- Carver C7 Trucks
- Size: 6.5" (Hangar) / 9.0" (Axle)
- Shock pads included
- Nuts & Bolts included
- Set of 2
- Classic Black

The is the original surf skate truck that started it all. The smoothest turning and most responsive carving truck on the market today. This is the truck that all the others copy, and it is covered by patents that make it unique in the skateboarding world, and rides like nothing else out there.

The C7 truck comes with a unique second pivot axis that gives it it's unique turning characteristic, that drives the board under it's own motion. The tight turning ability let's you snap the nose and tail like a surfboard, and creates the forward motion that increases speed as you go. This motion is what has made this truck the favourite for surfers and skaters around the word for it's surfing-like feel.

It is paired with the Carver C2 6.5 truck, that is fitted with a unique reverse kingpin arrangement and mounts on the rear of your board. It also ships with specialty risers and mounting hardware. Everything you need to mount on your deck of choice and rip up the concrete.

Carver x Channel Islands from Carver Skateboards on Vimeo.