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Bronson G3 Bearings w/ Spacers - Orange

- Bronson Speed G3 Bearings
- Straight-Edge Frictionless Shields
- Micro-Groove Raceway Surfaces
- Maximum Impact Cage Design
- Special Oil/Ceramic Lubricant Blend
- Pack of 8 w/ Spacers & Washers included

The Bronson Speed Company bring you the next generation of high speed skateboard bearings. With deep groove raceways, the bearing balls sit deeper in the bearing channels, which also helps reduce damage and breakage.

The raceway surfaces have micro grooves that increase the spin of the bearings by eliminating the standing wave of lubricant in front of the rolling ball. Coupled with a special blend of oil and nano-ceramic compounds in the lubricant, it helps resist rust, moisture, corrosion and oxidation.

The bearings are also specially wrapped in nitrogen filled shrink-wrap, reducing metal and oil oxidation until they are ready to be used. They are inspected twice before wrapping by hand, and washed in special solvents before lubrication. These are hi-tech bearings!