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Bont Waxed 6mm Laces - 200cm / 79" - Bumblebee Yellow

- Bont Waxed Skate Laces
- Length: 200cm / 79"
- Width: 6mm
- Durable Waxed Woven Design
- Plastic Tipped
- Set of 2x Laces
- 'Bumblebee' Yellow Colourway

Bont Skate Laces are flat and come in 6mm or 8mm wide with different lengths to suit your roller skate boots. The laces are engineered not to stretch and are treated with a high-performance wax so the laces stay tied and tight! If the lace stretches, then your skates will wriggle looser and you will need to stop to re-tighten your laces during your skating session or competition.