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Bont Prostar Prodigy Glide Purple 6.5USL / Bont 4.5

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- Bont Prostar Package
- Size: Bont 4.5 / 6.5USL / EU36.5
- Heat-Mouldable suede Boot
- Prodigy Plate w/ 6mm Heel Lift
- Outdoor Glide Wheels
- Purple Suede

The Bont Prostar quad skate package is designed to deliver a light weight, responsive feel, with the comfort you expect from a heat mouldable boot.

The boot is made with suede and features replaceable rubber bumper toe protection, an adjustable velcro top strap and rear heel loop to put your laces through; additionally featuring thermoplastic in the heel, which can be heat-moulded for a custom fit in under 10 minutes with a hairdryer. (For best results, ask our custom fitting experts in-store)!

This package comes complete with the Prodigy plate, Bont Glide Outdoor wheels and speedy Bont bearings.