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BONT Infinity Plates - Titanium - Medium

- BONT Infinity Plates
- Fully adjustable
- Hollow titanium kingpins
- Carbon Fibre
- Toe stoppers
- All hardware included
- Infinity skate tool

BONT's new Infinity Adjustable Titanium Derby Plates are here. They really pushed the boundaries using the latest 3D design techniques, stress testing, and materials such as carbon fiber and titanium to create something unique. But they didn't stop there. They created the most functional plate on the market and also the best looking. Featuring full wheel base adjustability, trucks go from 5 to 32 degrees, super light and super strong carbon fibre plates, toe stoppers, Hollow Titanium kingpins and comes with the Infinity skate tool to put it all together to your specifications. By far the best Derby plates for the serious rider. Sold as a set of two.