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Black Panthers

Black Panthers Ceramic Bearings

- Black Panther Skate Bearing

- Suitable for Advanced/Competition Skaters

- Competition Speed Rating

- Removable Non-Contact Rubber Shield

- Waterproof Ceramic Ball Bearings w/ 100% Teflon Oil Lubricant

- Pack of 8

- Gold/Black

- 8x Speed Washers & 4x Bearing Spacers included

The "world's smoothest skateboard bearings" have hit the shelves at Skater HQ and can now be slapped on your ride! Designed from scratch to be the best, these delrin core, teflon-lubed speedy bearings are tried and favored by skaters everywhere.

Pre-lubed and lightweight, Black Panther Ceramics are the next level and inexpensive way to get you rolling! For the best results time after time, use with Bones Speed Cream to keep them lubricated and Bones Bearing Cleaner kit to keep them clean and free from grime, so they can last for ages!