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Arbor Skateboards

Arbor Amelia 8.0 Smigus Dyngus Deck - Black

- Arbor 2022 PRO Park Collection
- Size: 8.0" x 31.75" (WB: 14.25")
- 7ply Sustainable Canadian Maple Deck
- Hybrid OG & Modern Shape w/ Mellow Concave
- PRO 'Amelia Brodka' Signature Model
- Yellow Stain w/ Black 'Śmigus-Dyngus' Design

Consistently being a leader in the skateboard community, Amelia Brodka continues to build on her legacy after competing in the Olympics.

Her shape blends modern street and classic pool shapes, while the graphic celebrates life and renewal derived from the Polish Holiday of 'Śmigus-dyngus', the traditional Polish Easter-Monday 'National Water Fight Day'!