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Almost Skateboards

Almost Mullen Uber Silver Ops 8.0 Deck

- Width 8.0"

- Length 31.6"

- Wheelbase 14"

- Carbon Core insert

We'll have to ask you to get in the car to talk about this one.

Thanks. What we got right here is the most powerful tier of skate technology ever schemed up. Here's the blueprint: It's an Ultra light, unrelentingly stiff carbon deck encased in premium quality 7-ply maple.

What does it mean? It means you get one of the lightest boards ever made, but one of the stiffest and strongest at the same time, your energy and movements translate into the board quickly, accurately and efficiently (meaning this thing flips quick). The deck handles, feels and slides like a traditional maple, but pops like it's loaded with military explosives, and this pop will last and last and last.

While on the higher end, the price pays for itself when you consider the strength, quality and endless pop this gadget really has.

This board is born and bred out of everything that is elite, get this when you're ready to experience the best and start your next mission.