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Santa Cruz

101 Natas Panther Kaupas 9.25 HT Reissue Deck

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- 101 Natas Pro Reissue Deck
- Size: 9.25" x 32" (WB: 15") - Nose: 6.75" / Tail: 6.625"
- 7ply Resin-7 Maple Construction
- Heat Transfer Holographic Foil Laminate
- PRO Natas Kaupas Signature Model
- Fluro Multicolour 'Natas Panther' Graphic

Ready to make its way to a new home is the 101 Natas Kaupas Panther HT Deck! This rad board features a custom shape by Natas and showcases new artwork by Marc McKee with a heat transfer holo-foil graphic onto the deck.

Built with a signature Resin-7 construction which consists of 7-plies of 100% Canadian Maple with expose glue (Resin-7), formed using a single deck press. This construction ensures the deck will have more rigidity, a longer lifespan, and provide better pop.

This deck has lots of space for your front foot, while the back slightly narrows down. Natas took inspiration from ’90s decks and kept it OG! Overall, this deck features a solid shape all-around making it shine when it comes to creative street and bowl skating. It’s rock-solid with tons of pop and is ready for technical or hammer tricks!