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02 8667 7892

Penny X Simpsons 22 El Barto Complete

- Penny X Simpsons LE Series
- Size: 6.0" x 22" (Wheelbase: 11.25")
- Plastic Injection-Moulded Green-Glow Deck
- Penny 3" Aluminium Blue/Red Trucks
- White 87A Bushings
- Penny 59mm/78A Blue-Glow Wheels
- Penny Abec 7 Red Bearings
- White Nickel-Plated 1.125" Phillips Bolts
- Mini Kick Tail
- Matt Groening 'El Barto' Graphic w/ Green/Blue Glow Design

Penny X Simpsons 22 El Barto Complete






Cause mischief around your hood with the limited edition Penny X Simpsons collab series! A surprisingly sturdy 22" plastic injection-moulded deck, built for comfort and responsive sharp turns, with a mini kick tail, 3" Penny trucks, speedy Abec 7 bearings and chunky soft wheels! Whether you're new to skating or a skateboard veteran, Penny boards make a perfect cruiser, commuter, and even trick board if you're keen enough!

Compact and lightweight, these completes can go anywhere; they even fit inside your back pack! Charge up the El Barto during the day at the park, and then unleash it's nuclear power on the streets after dusk; go into meltdown these holidays with the Penny El Barto!


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