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Paragon 16 Bearing Cleaning Kit

- Paragon Bearing Cleaning Kit
- Size: 500mL (Bolt: 7.5")
- Washes up to 16x Bearings
- High-Density Polyethylene Bottle w/ Screw-on Lid
- 7.5" Steel Bolt w/ Wingnut & 8x 8mm Spacers
- Compatible w/ Paragon and all other bearing brands
- Solvents NOT included
- White

Paragon 16 Bearing Cleaning Kit


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Clean your dirty bearings with your own Paragon Bearing Cleaning Kit! A 500mL plastic bottle, 7.5 inch bolt and 8 bearing spacers have never seemed so useful together until now; wash up to 16 Paragon bearings with this cost effective kit that's so simple, even your pet could use it. (Disclaimer: Don't let your pet use this.)

Thread your bearings onto the bolt between each spacer to leave room for the excess debris to wash to the bottom of the bottle while washing, this bearing cleaning unit is a must-have for any serious skater who likes to keep their skate gear in tip-top shape!

Note: Cleaning agents are NOT included; use recommended solvents and NOT water-based chemicals or WD-40.

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