Micro White Package

- Dual 200mm Wheels
- Handlebar Height: 72-102cm
- Deck Width: 12cm
- Deck Length: 42cm
- Folds down for easy carry
- Height Adjustable Handlebars
- Super soft foam grips
- White
- Free Gym Bag

*Micro products are available to Australian customers only.

Micro White Package


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The Micro white is the ultimate scooter for the day to day commuter! This fully-featured scooter is super smooth, super fast and folds up so you can walk it through the foyer and stash it under your desk! This package includes a free pull gym bag to chuck on while your ride.

Take it on your morning commute and unfold it on a Saturday and head out to the park! The 200mm wheels make a meal of any harsh terrain, cracks and bumps in the pavement, while the front wheel mudguard keeps dirt from flicking up onto your pants!

This scooter is completely size adjustable , perfect no matter how short or tall you are, and has a nice, wide deck for you to move your feet around and get to the brake.

No matter your needs, the Micro White has you covered!


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