Micro Speed Plus Scooter - Mint

- Speed Plus Series
- Age Range: 7 - Adult
- Max Load: 100kg
- Weight: 4.2kg
- Wheel Size: 145mm
- Handlebar Height: 66-98cm
- Deck Width: 12cm
- Deck Length: 42cm
- Foldable Kickstand
- Mint

*Micro products are available to Australian customers only.

Micro Speed Plus Mint







The Micro Speed Plus offers the quickest, smoothest ride available at this wheel size. Dual 145mm wheels give you plenty of speed while maintaining superb grip - perfect for the ride to work, university or chasing the kids around on the weekend!

The low-slung, wide-set deck provides a great platform for your feet while keeping you low to the ground for maximum control. The spring-loaded brake ensures you can stop on a dime!

Whether you're a day in day out commuter, a mum or dad with kids that are too quick or just an adrenaline junkie, this scooter has everything you need!

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