Micro Mini Scooter - Yellow

- Wheels: 120/80mm PU - Max Load: 20kg - Age: 3-6

*Micro products are available to Australian customers only.

Micro Mini Scooter - Yellow







The scooter for preschoolers. It is ideal for developing balance and co-ordination skills while enabling them to experience the fun and excitement of surfing the pavement. Made from reinforced plastic, the Mini Micro is light-weight so doesn't bruise ankles and shins. Long walks are whinge-free as they zoom about independently.The Mini Micro comes with a T-bar steering column which childrens' hands easily grasp, as they learn to use their body weight and balance to steer effortlessly.

It is a smooth and graceful ride and significantly easier to control than the other cumbersome three or four-wheel toddler scooters available. The Mini Micro has two wheels at the front and one at the back, making it safe and giving children stability and confidence.

It is thrilling to see your small child achieve so much so quickly on this lightweight scooter.


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