Micro Maxi Scooter T-Bar - Shocking Pink

- Micro Maxi Scooter
- Max Load: 50kg
- Weight: 2.6kg
- Handlebar Height: 680-920mm
- Deck: Length 550mm, Width 130mm
- Age: 5+
- Wheels: 120/85mm polyurethane

*Micro products are available to Australian customers only.

Micro Maxi Scooter T-Bar - Shocking Pink



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Big brother to the Mini Micro!

The Micro Maxi gives the same intuitive carving motion and all the great features of the Mini Micro, only built tougher for big kids. What the Maxi has over the Mini is that it comes loaded with a bigger and more resilient deck to keep up with the big kids, adjustable handlebars, wider back wheel for extra stability, and more serious back brake to help kids control their speeds.

If you have a 4 year old who will soon grow out of a Mini Micro, we recommend going for a Maxi as it will last much longer.


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