Micro G-Bike Plus - Green

- Max Load: 20kg - Handle Bars: 47cm (from ground) - Seat Height: 34cm-39cm (low-high - Weight: 2.5kg - Wheels: 200mm polyurethane - Wheel Base: 56cm - Age: 2+ - Green

*Micro products are available to Australian customers only.

Micro G Bike Plus Green







We all know that riding a bike for the first time is a thrilling yet scary experience? What if you could give your child the exhilaration without the fear? Not only does the G-Bike+ light develop balance and co-ordination skills, it also promotes independence and confidence, all while your child is having fun.Chuck out those ‘trainer wheels' because you wont be needing them after your child has completed the hours of fun to be had on this amazing, high quality balance bike!


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