Hoppley Trainer 20inch Unicycle - Black

- Saddle: Hoppley saddle (blue)
- Seat post: Club 25.4mm x 300mm chromed steel or aluminum with a welded rectangular mounting bracket, 4 hole
- Seat post clamp: Nimbus (silver) quick release, aluminum
- Frame: Trainer round crown 24" (black) steel with 40mm stamped maincap bearing housings
- Hub/axle: UDC cotterless (black) 36H, hardened splindle,100 mm center bearing to center bearing
- Spokes: 14G. stainless chrome (134mm in length for 3X) with silver nipples
- Rim: United 24" (chrome) 36H, singlewall, steel
- Rim strip: Rubber
- Tube size: 24" x 1.75"
- Tire: Innova 24" x 1.75"
- Crank arms: United (chrome) 150mm, cotterless, steel
- Pedals: United, 9/16" threads, plastic
- Bearings: 17mm x 40mm
- Approx. cycle weight: 14 lbs.

Hoppley 20 inch Trainer Unicycle


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The Hoppley unicycle is the perfect starting point for the beginner. We designed the Hoppley to be of good quality construction for those on a tight budget and want to start riding now! Features a comfy plastic seat with moulded foam padding, adjustable seat height and 20" spoked steel rim.

Brand Hoppley Unicycles

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