02 8667 7892

02 8667 7892




What time does it start?

The Workshop starts at 10am and ends at 1pm. Sign ins begin at 9.30am.


Where do we meet?

At the Curl Curl Workshop we meet at the Abbott Road Netball Courts at North Curl Curl.


What should I bring?

Please bring the equipment he or she will be using on the day (skateboard, two wheeled scooter, inline skates or roller skates) and protective gear (wrist, elbow, knee pads and helmet), all clearly named. Gear will be available for use on the day if required.

Please also bring a drink, a snack and sunscreen. If your child has special considerations then please bring any medication they may need eg asthma puffer and epi pen.


Do I have to sign my child in and out?

Yes you do or have a responsible guardian sign them in on your behalf.


Is there First Aid on site?

Yes there will be First Aid trained staff on site.


What happens if my child is injured during the workshop?

First Aid will be administered and an ambulance called if required. You will be notified as soon as possible after the event.


My child has special considerations. Who do I notify?

Please make a note of this on your form and alert the admin assistant on the day when you sign in as well.


How old do they have to be to take part?

Your child must be 6 to attend. As this is an intensive three hour session they need to have the physical strength and the attention span to get the most out of it.


How are the kids grouped on the day?

Kids are assessed on the day and placed into groups according to their experience and skill level.


My child is a total beginner is this for him or her?

We recommend your child attends one of our weekend beginner group lessons before attending the workshop if they have not skated or ridden before.


What is the ratio of kids to coaches?

Approximately 10 to 1. As this is a three hour workshop the kids get plenty of attention. The aim is for them to have fun and learn some new skills.


Can he or she do a different activity ie skateboarding, scooter riding, inline skating, on the day?

Yes at the half way point there will be an opportunity for children to swap from skateboard to scooter, or inline skates to skateboards for example. If anyone is really struggling with their chosen sport then this can happen earlier.


What happens if it rains?

If the weather is looking wet then a text will be sent out days prior to the Workshop as a warning. If it's too wet to proceed on the day of the Workshop then you will receive a text about the cancellation. You will be offered a credit which you could use either for the next workshop or to spend in the store.


What happens if my child is sick or injured and unable to attend?

If your child is too sick to attend please notify us as soon as possible as this potentially frees up a spot for someone else. You will be sent a credit note for your payment to spend in-store or on a future workshop. Under certain circumstances refunds will be arranged.