Heelys Rise X2 Blue/Yellow/Black 12CUS

- Heelys Rise X2 Neon Multi Swirl
- Two Wheel Design
- 2 x Small & 2 x Medium Wheels Included
- Heelies Tool Included
- Blue / Neon Yellow
- Size: 12CUS

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Heelys Rise X2 Blue/Yellow/Black 12CUS


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Roll on the fly - walk, roll, run and do tricks in an infinitely fun set of Heelys!

The latest Heelys bring the 2x2 wheel design - that's two wheels on each shoe! Two wheels mean smoother, longer and faster rolls for maximum heely fun.

These sports sneaker inspired with laces and velcro strap to keep feet super secured while you're rolling.

The neon yellow sole pops out from the floor as you cruise around!


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