EZY Roller MINI - Green

- EZY Roller MINI Series
- Age: 2-5yo
- Length: 48-58cm
- Width: 37cm
- Weight: 4.2kg

- Self-Propelling T-Bar Motion
- Suits Kids up to 1M tall
- Pull-Style Hand Brake
- EZY Roller Replaceable Seat
- Owner's Manual w/ Assembly Parts included
- Max Rider Weight: 30kg
- Lime Green

EZY Roller MINI - Green


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Now your mini-gromms can get EZY Rolling too, with the newest model designed specially for kids aged 2 to 5, the EZY Roller MINI! Combining the control of a bike and fun of a scooter, this unique setup moves like a snake using easy left to right leg movements; no chains, pedals or batteries needed!

Designed specifically for flat, smooth indoor and outdoor terrain, this bad boy is a great little machine that will provide hours of entertainment and excercise! EZY Roller MINI offers the enjoyment of new locomotion possibilities that can't be experienced on any other bike or ride-on; get rolling today!

Disclaimer: EZY Roller MINI is NOT meant for slopes, ramps or uneven surfaces. Using the brake on downhill slopes can severly damage the wheels, and provide an unsafe experience for the rider.

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