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EZY Roller EzyDrifter - Blue

- EZY Roller Drifter Series
- Age: 7-14+
- Length: 65-82.5cm
- Width: 58cm
- Weight: 5.8kg
- Self-Propelling T-Bar Motion
- Specialised Squeeze Hand Brake
- Patented Drift Wheel Design
- EZY Roller Replaceable Seat
- 2x Size Extensions
- Owner's Manual w/ Assembly Parts included
- Max Rider Weight: 70kg
- Blue

EZY Roller EzyDrifter - Blue





Why EZY Roll, when you can EZY Drift?! The newest model to come from the revolutionary locomotion toy-makers has landed in Skater HQ, and we couldn't be more excited! Smooth, fluid and fearless, the EZY Drifter combines the control of a bike and fun of a scooter, self-propelling and now with the insane ability to drift around corners and pop tight U-Turns like never before; no chains, pedals or batteries needed!

Designed specifically for flat, smooth indoor and outdoor terrain, this bad boy will provide hours of entertainment and excercise for riders young and old; the testers at Skater HQ give this beast two drift-happy thumbs up! Treat your little Ezy Rolling ninja today!

Disclaimer: EZY Roller EzyDrifter is NOT meant for slopes, ramps or uneven surfaces. Using the brake on downhill slopes can severly damage the wheels, and provide an unsafe experience for the rider.


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