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Evolve ONE Bamboo

- Bamboo & Maple Deck Construction
- 7ply Maple with 2ply Bamboo laminates
- Length: 37"
- Wheelbase: 26"
- Trucks Black Super carve 306mm
- Wheels Black Evolve GT 83mm 76A
- 2000 watt high performance custom made sensored dual brush out-runner motor
- ABEC 9 Speedball bearings
- Regenerative braking system
- Custom designed 36 volt 7AH Lithium Ion
- Approx. 3.5 hours with standard charger
- Optional fast charger available
- Weight: 7.4kg
- Up to 35km range (depending on rider)
- Approx 36km/h top speed (speeds will vary)
- Digital LCD remote, 4 speed settings
- 100kg max load
- Up to 20% gradient hill climb
- 6 month conditional warranty

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Evolve ONE Bamboo Street


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Evolve was born out of the frustration from the unrealised potential of electric skateboards. Looking for a innovative fusion between all great board sports, skateboarding, surfboarding and snowboarding, the Australian team worked tirelessly to come up with a range of boards that are simply a cut above previous electric skateboards, an evolving previous boards flaws and transitioning them into a range of impressively powerful and massively fun pieces of equipment.

The new bamboo one series is the newest addition to the evolve arsenal, and it’s nothing short of an amazing piece of gear that fits its own purpose beautifully. Geared for people wanting a super light, super powerful board, this board has been designed from the ground up to achieve monster performance, affordably.

The beating heart of the board is the new hyper efficient 2000 watt sensored brushless outrunner motor which pumps the board around the roads with smooth acceleration and enough horsepower to really get you flying. This can get you going to up to 36 km/h or even 42 km/h with a larger sized wheel.

This motor is paired with its partner in crime, the new custom lithium Ion battery which can get you rolling up to 35 kilometres on one charge. The drive system also has enough juice to get you rolling powerfully against gradients of up to 20% which is almost unbelievable just to witness, let alone experience.

This new addition from evolve also sports a wider carving truck setup, which holds you stable at speed but lets you unleash carves and turns at your liberty. These trucks with the Black Evolve 83mm 76A wheels are a great fit to transfer the boards energy into the pavement of your choice.

The board speaks volumes for itself, it’s constructed of 7-Ply canadian maple deck that's 2-Ply bamboo laminated with a really enjoyable medium flex, and designed as a throwback to some of the original evolve designs and old school longboards, with a pintail and snubnose which end up looking great and feeling better.

This board is also the lightest board and most affordable offered by evolve, coming in at only 7.4 kg, a full half a kilo lighter than other evolve boards. This makes it the perfect choice for those looking for a super portable and super fun, commuting, street destroying best friend.

An underlooked but very, very cool feature is the ABS regenerative brake system, which while doing a perfect job at controlling your speed, is actually able to utilise to motor system in such a way that the brakes takes your kinetic energy from your velocity, slowing you down, and converts it into electrical energy, sending it straight back into the battery!

This board is waiting to jump out of the box and roar on nearly any hard surface, tackling bitumen, concrete and tarmac without breaking a sweat.

Warranty Information Evolve offer a six month guarantee that the product will be free from manufacturing defects and faults. It does not apply to any board that has been subject to misuse, neglect or accident. In the unlikely event there is a problem, Evolve asks you to contact them first before coming to Skater HQ for service or repairs.

Evolve ONE Board from Evolve Skateboards on Vimeo.


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