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Bont BPM 62x35mm 78a 4pk - Blue

- Bont BPM Outdoor Wheels
- Size: 62mm (Contact Patch: 35mm)
- Durometer: 78a
- Pack of 4
- Blue w/ White Core

Bont BPM Wheels are a soft outdoor roller skate wheel that are perfect for cross-training, casual skating, and everything in between!

The soft urethane tire is 62mm tall, a good median diameter that will feel good for new skaters and experts alike, and reduces vibration from surfaces such as asphalt, absorbs shocks from cracks and bumps along the way, and bounces right over small debris to keep your ride smooth and safe.

The 35mm wide contact patch allows skaters to maintain a high degree of maneuverability and good range of motion without feeling stuck to the ground.