Z-Flex has dropped a big bunch of new completes off at our warehouse and we're pumped!
Ranging from smaller cruisers to big 38 incher pintails they've done a beauty job with the new range.

The classic 27" Cruiser is back in it's full glory with Flamingo, Tie Dye and other classic colourways. 




For those looking for something more interesting, the Mini GT Pintails offer serious carving
power in a tighter and than tuned than your average package.
The powdered 180 rucks on these rip. Race, commute, carve.

Z-Flex Pintail



Want a big board for beachside cruising and suburban hill seshes? 
Take a look at these 38" beasts! Super easy riding, comfortable sized,
cruisey pieces of wood ready to roll your nearest pathway to the bakery.