Bauer Vapor X300R RH Youth Skate - 4US

- Bauer Vapor X300R RH.
- Youth Skate.
- X-Rib Design.
- Red & Black.

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Bauer Vapor X300R RH Youth Skate - 4US





The Bauer Vapor X300R Roller Hockey Skate is the entry-level skate in the Bauer Vapor line, offering a top quality product from a trusted brand at an affordable price! The X300R skate features a supportive quarter package thanks to the updated X-Rib design, it also features the signature Hi-Lo Vanguard Ventilator frame. The final touch is built for speed, with larger wheels at the back, acceleration and power will be your strength. This is the perfect beginner hockey skate packed full of affordable features!

Bauer skates generally fit 1 size down from your regular shoe size. Tapered - slightly narrow forefoot / narrow heel / low overall volume.


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