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Skate Locations 

Skate Locations


Both Skater HQ stores are located in areas perfect for a day of skating with our hire gear!

MOORE PARK: Centennial Park provides a scenic route or take your skates down to the Lang Rd netball courts for a flat, smooth surface.
MANLY: Skate down the beachfront across from the store with a dedicated bike path running flat along the ocean promenade. Map links below!




Hire Products


>Skater HQ offers a range of great gear for hire. Perfect for those on vacation who don't want the trouble of additional baggage or the beginner looking to try out a new sport! Stop by one of our stores, or give us a call on 02 8667 7892 for current availability.


Inline and Roller Skates

Inline Hire Rates

We have a varierty of high quality inline and roller skates for all ages and sizes. Enjoy all-round skating on inline skates or find a nice smooth surface to get the most out of the roller skates. Helmet and full protective gear set included.



Scooter Hire Rates

A fun and easy way to get around. Great for the kids if you want to go sight seeing. Adults and childrens sizes available. Helmets provided at no extra charge.



Skateboard Hire Rates

Trick boards for learning or just having fun.



Longboard Hire Rates

Quality longboards with good flex and a nice smooth ride.


Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser Bike Hire Rates

Cruise around Manly in style.The all new Townie design with flat foot technology means you get a long leg stretch with a low seat height.


A2B Electric Bikes

Cruiser Bike Hire Rates

Cruise around Manly with style and ease with our A2B Electric Bikes! Bookings 4 hours in advance required. Call 02 8667 7892 to book!.


Tandem Bikes

Tandem Bike Hire Rates

Cruise around Manly with a friend or hire it yourself and see who wants a ride!



Unicycle Hire Rates

Unicycling - a great hobby. A superb way to stay in shape! And most importantly, a whole lot of fun!



Slackline Hire Rates

Slacklining is a practice in balance that typically uses nylon or polyester webbing tensioned between two anchor points. Many people suggest slacklining is distinct from tightrope walking in that the line is not held rigidly taut (although it is still under some tension); it is instead dynamic, stretching and bouncing like a long and narrow trampoline. The line's tension can be adjusted to suit the user and different types of webbing can be used to achieve a variety of feats. The line itself is usually flat, due to the nature of webbing, thus keeping the slacker's footing from rolling as would be the case with an ordinary rope. The dynamic nature of the line allows for tricks and stunts.


Freeline Skates

FREELINE Skates Hire Rates

While riding Freeline Skates, you stand in a similar stance to skateboarding, in that you are going to the side. But, that's where the similarity ends! You sort of pump or slide or weave your feet in and out, in order to create momentum. You can't just stand still on Freelines, they are built to move!



Freebord Hire Rates

Freebord was started in 1996 by Steen Strand in Palo Alto, CA, while studying for his master’s in product design at Stanford University. Steen wanted to find a way to bring the snowboard ride to the street, and began developing prototypes of a skateboard that could slide, drift and stop just like on snow. He patented his design and began assembling and selling the first “Alpha” Freebords in 1997 out of his garage in San Francisco, CA. Since then, Freebords have evolved to become shorter and lighter, with bindings to hold the rider’s feet while carving and sliding.


Fresh Meat Hire

Fresh Meat Hire

Start your Derby experience the right way with a hire package from Skater HQ! Our Fresh Meat Hire Pack includes a pair of roller derby skates, a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. Mouth guards available for purchase. Pick up from 1 of 3 locations or delivered via Australia Post. For hire enquiries please download & complete the form above or call 8667 7892 for more info.